Want To Throw A Stress-Free Party? Follow These Tips!

Today, there are more event planners in NYC than ever before. The party-planning industry has given hope to those who aren’t naturally gifted when it comes to entertaining their friends and family. Professional event planning companies in NYC can manage parties from ten to hundreds of guests, allowing the host to simply sit back and enjoy the party like everyone else.


One of the most popular party and corporate event planners in NYC is Twenty Three Layers. This company acts as a full-service planning agency, providing literally every service a party host could ever want. These services include things like personalized decor, catering, professional videography and musical entertainment.


However, professional event planners can be quite expensive. If you’re throwing a smaller party and don’t want to have to make room in your budget for a professional planner, we’re here to help. These tips from professional planners will make the entire planning process a piece of cake.



Develop a Theme


The best way to tie all of your elements together is to create a theme. This theme can be as simple as a color scheme or as festive and whimsical as a movie franchise that everybody knows. Use this theme to decide on important components like decor and menu.



Make a Self-Serve Bar


A DIY bar is a fun way to allow guests to help themselves. You can decorate your bar as elaborately as you wish. Most importantly, be sure to stock this bar with a wide variety of beverages so that every guest will find something that they like.



Keep Decor Simple


There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on floral arrangements in order to impress your guests. Pinterest is full of easy DIY decor ideas that will give your party an elegant edge without the expensive price tag.



Unwind Before Guests Arrive


It’s important to give yourself some breathing room before your guests start to show up at your door. Take an hour to yourself before the party starts to relax so that you’ll be in a festive and upbeat mood when the party begins.