The Future of Cryptocurrency Malcolm CasSelle

Cryptocurrency is, in simple terms virtual money. It is a relatively new field in computing and like any other new item, it has faced a number of speculations and criticism. No one is willing to risk with his or her money on a system that he or she don’t understand. For a better understanding of how cryptocurrency works, it’s better we use a platform that most people are familiar with. Online gaming. In most online games the reward for participation and achievements within the game. This money, mostly on the term of coins, is used to purchase items, still within the game, to improve your chances while gaming. This is what Malcolm CasSelle saw when he pointed out that online gaming will ignite the world of cryptocurrency.

Malcolm CasSelle is the co-founder of Opskins, a world leader in in-game virtual assets trade and the leading bitcoin trader on the planet. Though the firm has had its fair share of success and a worldwide following, it has faced a number of challenges in its plans to decentralize most of its virtual assets transactions. These challenges rely heavily on technological lag or technological barriers in the system to support such functionalities. Malcolm CasSelle and the creators of Opskins are implementing a blockchain platform for virtual assets trading, called WAX. WAX stands for World Wide Assets eXchange.

Challenges in the implementation of cryptocurrency are fraud prevention and fragmentation of virtual financial transactions. The WAX token has solved these issues by first uniting all fragmented virtual asset market by being a blockchain. WAX token facilitates the virtual assets trade by creating a frictionless trade where users can sell and buy virtual assets from different avenues. On fraud, WAX token solves the problem by the use of a smart contract. This contract ensures that there is safe delivery of assets and the parties involved are held accountable.

Malcolm CasSelle has founded and co-founded a number of tech companies with roots in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and China. He the current president of the WAX token and the CIO of Opskins. He is also the strategic advisor on partnership development for the company. Prior to his current positions, Malcolm CasSelle was the CTO and president of Tribune Publishing.

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