Education Details Concerning Tony Petrello of Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is among the top mathematics brains the world celebrates. At 18 years, it had already been noted that Tony was a math whiz. From Lloyd’s description, it is clear that Tony was charismatic while in college. Lloyd Grove was Petrello’s roommate in college, and it shocks him how he turned out to be an “oligarch” and more information click here.

Lloyd Grove Testifies About Anthony

What shocked Lloyd most was when he saw Tony Petrello’s name listed as the top paid CEO in United States in 2014. Despite being a Mathematics mastermind, Anthony Petrello opted to pursue a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard school of law, and also an M.S degree in Mathematics, which was earned from Yale university. Flourishing in corporate practice is the order of the day for Mr. Petrello, which is attributable to his impressive education background.

Anthony Petrello’s Contribution at Nabors Industries Ltd

Anthony has been serving as the president and CEO of Nabors since 1992. Nabors Industries is a company in the oil and gas sectors. They are globally acknowledged as the leaders in provision of offshore borer rigs not only in U.S but also in other multi-national markets. Nabors Industries Ltd is committed to redefining the market experience. They employ state of the art technology in carrying out their operations. Anthony, being a perfectionist, plays a crucial role in the firm’s consistent excellence.

To enhance their offshore operations, Nabors boasts of 29 ships. They play a central role in ensuring coverage of their key areas, which include America, Middle East, Africa, and the Far East. As it is, Nabors is unmatched regarding their service, and they take pride in their number one position across the globe and what Anthony knows.

You Need to Hear About Tony and Cynthia’s Role in Philanthropy

Carena, daughter to Tony and Cynthia, was born prematurely. She was also diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia. Most premature babies contract this condition as a result of failure of adequate blood circulation to the brain or lack of oxygen. In Carena’s case, it went further to cause cerebral palsy. Tony and Cynthia devoted themselves to ensuring that all kids with a condition like Carena’s could exploit their full potential. As such, they have bankrolled neurological research with $ 7 million and Anthony’s lacrosse camp.

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Hussain Sajwani – Serial Entrepreneurship and Successes

Mr. Hussain Sajwani is one of the most achieved businessmen in the United Arab Emirates. He has been in business for a few decades and has established and grown a large number of companies which operate in a variety of industries. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

Mr. Hussain Sajwani is from Dubai. He studied higher education abroad in the United States of America. His university of choice was the University of Washington from which he graduated with a major in Economics. Upon having completed his higher education, Mr. Hussain Sajwani started working at the company of GASCO, but after a few years, he decided to go back to Dubai.

In 1982 he quit his position at GASCO and put a start to his first company which is also one of his most successful works. Draieh Management Services Co is more widely known as DMAC Properties. The DAMAC owner grew the company to an international level. DAMAC Properties is operating in the industry of catering and provides top quality catering services to all industries.

A few years ago, Mr. Hussain Sajwani created a philanthropy extension of DAMAC Properties. He is a very active philanthropist, and the charity extension of DAMAC Properties has donated billions to a large number of charitable causes.

DICO Investment CO LLC and Al Jazeira Services Co SAOG are his two other most successful companies. The first one is operating in the industry of investments, and the latter provides finance and management services.

Mr. Hussain Sajwani is a highly successful businessman working in the field of real estate. He has been a part of a large number of projects both in his home country – te United Arab Emirates and in other countries as well. In fact, the Mr. Hussain Sajwani family is friends with the USA President’s family Donald Trump. The two businessmen have collaborated several times.

The latest real estate collaboration has been Trump International Golf Club. This real estate projects has been extremely successful and earned a lot of revenue in the first few months withing opening its doors to businessmen, company owners, and executives who have been staying at the Golf Club.

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Arthur Becker Gives His Tips for Success

Arthur Becker is an entrepreneur and real estate developer. He was interviewed on Curbed. He talked about his work and his strategies. He explained that he learned the technology side of things when he was appointed the CEO of NaviSite in 2003. Becker’s inspiration for starting his own business came when he was working with the Vera Wang Fashion Company as a consultant. Becker said that he makes money through investing in properties. He renovates and fixes the properties for them to attract buyers. He makes a lot of money when the properties are leased or sold.

Becker was asked how long it took for him to make a profit. He answered that it was immediate. This was because his technology prospects performed well. Becker advised aspiring entrepreneurs to take the time to understand the business before they ventured into it. He noted that it was easier for someone to doubt if they did not know what they were venturing. Arthur Becker stated that one factor that played a significant role in his success was timing. He also noted that hard work and focus were instrumental because one could not accomplish anything without them. Becker explained that his experience was one of the bestselling points when it came to marketing. He was well known because of his prior investment experience. This boosted his credibility. More details can be found on Inspirery.

Arthur Becker mentioned that the most satisfying moment in his business had been the reward after his first private investment. He said that this prompted him to continue to delve into the business. Arthur Becker is the founder of Madison Partners, LLC. Becker served as the CEO of NaviSite until 2011 when Time Warner acquired it. NaviSite provided technology solutions to companies around the world. Becker was a senior advisor to the Vera Wang Fashion Company for seven years. He was tapped to become the CEO and chairman of Zinio after the sale of NaviSite. Zinio is a media company. It is considered the largest digital newsstand in the world. He left this role in 2015 to allow him to focus on Madison Partners.

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How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Threatening to Surpass Amazon

Amazon has been in control in the online fashion space for years, and currently dominating with 20 percent of all e-commerce sales in the apparel world speaks volumes to the dominance. This is certainly not one of the niches you want to try growing your business, but don’t tell that to Kate Hudson. In only three years, Hudson’s Fabletics has gone from invisible to $250 million in sales of her high-quality athleisure brand, and sales are picking up each year.


When Hudson was asked to give insight as to how Fabletics was able to explode in sales so fast, despite working in the same space as Amazon, her answer is a membership platform combined with reverse-showrooming. The combination of these two unique features don’t seem like a good match, but somehow her company has found the secret that works. Looking at it from an impartial point of view, customers come down to the retail Fabletics store in the malls, where they have the opportunity to get a free membership and take the Lifestyle Quiz to further enhance the buying experience. These customers can shop the racks of the high-quality workout apparel and active-wear, trying on as many items as they like, and they can even leave without pressure of having to make a purchase.


Now that the pieces of apparel were tried on and then added to the online profile, members can return to the Fabletics website at their convenience to continue shopping, compare new arrivals, or look to see what else is available in the size they already know flatters their frame. Compared to how the shopping experience is at Amazon, shoppers there buy without knowing the fit, and often return their purchases time and time again. This could be the reason Fabletics is enjoying such huge success early in the game. The focus at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics appears to be on providing women high-quality active-wear and the added convenience of shopping on their terms.


Included with the membership at Fabletics is lower pricing, free shipping, and even the assistance of personal shopping assistant. This assistant looks at the quiz results and finds styles that the customer will love. No pressure at Fabletics, those suggestions are just that, so nothing ships without the buyer accepting the selection. In only a few short years, Fabletics has given women exactly what type clothing they have been searching for at prices they can really get excited about.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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JHSF and Jose Auriemo Neto’s Role as Chief Executive

JHSF is an authority in real estate in Brazil. Its operations include ‘commercial markets acquisition, executive airport development, upscale hotels and also residential developments. The company was founded in 1972 and became notorious for its ability to notice new opportunities for business in the area.

More on JHSF

Over the years, the company has consolidated its operations in Salvador, Manaus and Sao Paulo. Its main four units are: hotels, airports, restaurants and malls. Lately, the company has prioritized on supporting projects that bend towards putting up malls and hotels. It was in 2006 that JHSF, after restructuring, integrated companies such as Santa Cruz, JHSF Embodiments, CPIC, CAES, SAES and Boa Vista.

After the company acquired majority stakes in Hotel Fasano, it started to operate in the hotel sector. In 2014 June, the company bought the hotel network operated by Fasano. This placed the company in a comfortable position in the hotel sector in Brazil. It acquired the restaurants and hotel chains operated by Fasano at 53 million reais.

Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto works as the CEO at JHSF. Neto doubles as the company’s chairman. In this position he is tasked with overseeing the interests of the company’s interests in commercial and home developments all over Brazil. He is also mandated with the administration of the company’s retail and hotel portfolio. He oversees the Cidada Jardim, a one stop shopping complex. This complex is in Sao Paulo. Other complexes of this design include the Metro Tucuruv and the Bela Vista, both in Manaus. The Ponta Negra is also based in Manaus. There are other projects of this design being developed by JHSF.

Jose went to Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) University. Jose started working for JHSF in 1993. A few years later, Jose founded the company’s service department. The Parkbem, a parking management company was also started in 1997. Owing to the success of the service department, Neto was licensed to develop JHSF’s first shopping complex.

Jose served as an executive of JHSF’s board since 2009. He has been a member of YPO since 1999.

Are You Looking to Plan a Party?

Is the stress of doing everything on your own to much? Being prepared and giving yourself room ahead of time is never a bad idea. Make things more simple and prepare a checklist. Making several lists for shopping, planning an organized guest list will help simplify things. Simply highlight or check mark what has been completed and move on.


Coming up with a theme can be tough, but there are so many options. For example serving tasty drinks and hiring entertainment is a good start. Having games to play and multiple things to do through out the night. All-though online invitations are quick and easy, you may find more success in mailing your invitation and keeping things interesting by decorating it to match your theme. Head to a local arts and craft store and brainstorm your unique idea.


Making sure you provide a self-serve bar or at least a wide variety of drinks will ensure the party stays afloat. Advertising drinks as soon as your guests walk in the door so the fun starts asap. Coming up with your own special concoction shows everyone that you have good taste. Having tasty treats and simple appetizers gives your guests even more of a reason to stay. Keep it classy and serve up something for everyone, include vegetarian appetizers for people who may not eat meat.


Having a big party usually equates to friends bringing their kids, ensuring that you have a way to keep them occupied is key. Set up some sort of kid’s table and provide some sort of entertainment for them. The last thing you want at your party is children nagging you to go home early.


Whether inside or outside make sure to keep your tableware matching the theme. You don’t have to go over the top, but keeping your tables lightly decorated shows your guests that you put your all into the party and will keep them coming back. Try your best to stay relaxed and attentive to everyone, creating a welcoming presence is key. Always end a good party with favors, and goody bags for the kids. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something nice to show that you appreciate their company.


Do you need help in designing and coming up with a theme for a successful party? At expert corporate event planners in NYC will be be able to accompany you with expert knowledge on event planning. These specific event planners in NYC provide everything from catering, lighting, photography, venue selection, production, branding, fabrication, floral design and much more! Bring your vision to them and make the best possible party you could imagine. Twentythreelayers is one of the best event planning companies in NYC let them show you why.

3 Eco Travel Destinations That Will Make You Pack Your Bags Now

Are you someone who just cannot sit still for more than a few days without a change of scenery? Are you seeking travel and have a wanderlust spirit, one that needs to go beyond the borders of your homeland? Do you love experiencing nature for nature in itself, for the beauty that surrounds this earth we live on? If all of these things describe you, then you must check out these three travel destinations that are sure to please the eco-friendly traveler who is looking for a plane to catch.

Costa Rica

A small country filled with the Pura Vida lifestyle, a tranquil community of people who work hard to keep their country green and eco-friendly, Costa Rica needs to be on your to-do list of places to visit at some point in your lifetime. Whether you want to go exploring the wildlife (including lots of sloths, monkeys, frogs, and crocodiles) that live deep in the thick of the rain forests, test your balance and swimming with riding the rapids on the rivers, or lay out for the day on the black sand beaches, this beautiful country is filled with go-green people and an all natural approach to life.


While you might immediately think of Kenya being solely savannas that are roamed by lots of elephants and lions, there are also lots of mountains, rain forests, and beaches to explore as well. You can see all sort of wildlife with their own ecosystems in one of Kenya’s fifty national parks that are scattered all over the desert land. You could go on your stereotypical African safari (which are awesome) or spend the day exploring the underwater of the coral reefs. The choice is yours!

Kerela, India

Located on the southwestern coast of India, Kerela is a small and reserved state of India that is filled with thousands of different plant species (over a quarter of the ten thousand species in India), as well as lots of wildlife including mountain goats, elephants, and wild boar. While forest cutting used to be an issue, this small section of India now works to protect their wildlife and ecosystem and have lots of laws in place to do so.


WildArk has a mission of reaching lots of different areas of the “green belt” of the world. They do this by providing opportunities for other eco-enthusiasts to research, travel, and work towards the goal of protecting and conserving different aspects of wildlife and species today. They make a difference every day with their travels and conserving spirits, and one day will be able to claim they reached their goal of deleting the challenges facing endangered wildlife and species right now, today!


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EOS Got It Right The First Time

Evolution Of Smooth is the lip balm company that changed the game when it came to lip balm. Evolution Of Smooth wanted to find a way to hone in on women because for over a century Chapstick was the main seller of unisex lip balm. They were the company that set the tone for the way that lip balm smelled, felt, and looked. Even when other lip balm companies came onto the market, they fell into Chapstick’s mold.

The creators of Evolution Of Smooth wanted their product to be unique, so they decided to ask their future customers what they would like in a lip balm. Evolution Of Smooth did many surveys on women all across the nation, and they asked these women what they wanted most in a lip balm. EOS wanted to give women an enjoyable experience while they were applying their lip balm, so they had to totally switch things up.

The creators of Evolution Of Smooth found that women wanted to have a lip balm that was easily identifiable in their purse. Since that was the case, EOS lip balm made their product come in sphere shaped containers that are soft and pleasing to the touch. The lip balm is also easy to grab and easy to identify in a purse. The creators of Evolution Of Smooth found that women wanted a lip balm that had organic and healing properties, so they made their product with all organic ingredients; they also added oils like jojoba and vitamin E.

The creators of Evolution Of Smooth got in contact with many beauty bloggers and sent them samples of their product. These bloggers really liked the lip balm that EOS made, and they helped market their product. Now Evolution Of Smooth is the number one lip balm in the country, and thousands of stores like Wal-Mart and Target, pharmacies, and shops sell this incredible lip balm to their customers.


Want To Throw A Stress-Free Party? Follow These Tips!

Today, there are more event planners in NYC than ever before. The party-planning industry has given hope to those who aren’t naturally gifted when it comes to entertaining their friends and family. Professional event planning companies in NYC can manage parties from ten to hundreds of guests, allowing the host to simply sit back and enjoy the party like everyone else.


One of the most popular party and corporate event planners in NYC is Twenty Three Layers. This company acts as a full-service planning agency, providing literally every service a party host could ever want. These services include things like personalized decor, catering, professional videography and musical entertainment.


However, professional event planners can be quite expensive. If you’re throwing a smaller party and don’t want to have to make room in your budget for a professional planner, we’re here to help. These tips from professional planners will make the entire planning process a piece of cake.



Develop a Theme


The best way to tie all of your elements together is to create a theme. This theme can be as simple as a color scheme or as festive and whimsical as a movie franchise that everybody knows. Use this theme to decide on important components like decor and menu.



Make a Self-Serve Bar


A DIY bar is a fun way to allow guests to help themselves. You can decorate your bar as elaborately as you wish. Most importantly, be sure to stock this bar with a wide variety of beverages so that every guest will find something that they like.



Keep Decor Simple


There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on floral arrangements in order to impress your guests. Pinterest is full of easy DIY decor ideas that will give your party an elegant edge without the expensive price tag.



Unwind Before Guests Arrive


It’s important to give yourself some breathing room before your guests start to show up at your door. Take an hour to yourself before the party starts to relax so that you’ll be in a festive and upbeat mood when the party begins.


How Doug Levitt Offers Encouraging Messages Through the Greyhound Diaries

Doug Levitt is an accomplished journalist, musician, and songwriter. He has been in countries such as Bosnia, Iran, and the United Kingdom where he has worked for top media companies like ABC, CNN, and NBC. Levit is currently recognized for conducting a project that is known as Greyhound Diaries. Doug Levitt was born to middle-income parents who were based in Washington DC and schooled at various public learning institutions in the region. Doug then joined Cornell University and was offered a Fulbright Scholarship that greatly supported him to be successful. The journalist is an alumnus of the London School of Economics where he was awarded a master’s degree in Ethnic Conflict and Nationalism.

Levitt founded the Greyhound Diaries as a way of offering encouraging music to different people. He has been interacting with travelers and many individuals who are affected by various problems. Doug has recorded the Greyhound Diaries for the past one decade and has traveled more than 120,000 kilometers on the Greyhound bus. During his long journey across the United States, he has had a chance to meet and interact with many people who face different glitches in life. He has developed a lot of content from the stories that he gets from them.

The main inspirations of the development of the Greyhound Diaries are the documentaries that were produced during the WPA era. Levit has ensured that the Greyhound Diaries displays the correct image of the United States. He has been striving to make sure that the project is a success and has hosted live shows in areas such as homes with no people, Woody Guthrie Center, Southern Law Center, Kennedy Center, and even colleges.

Doug has also been offering his documentary to various magazines and television stations that have aired it. Leading international broadcasters such as CNN, Reuters, and Fox News have shown significant interest in the program. The stories that Levitt gets from the travelers and the other people that he interacts with are very inspiring. He has also been offering the documentary through the web and recognized photo exhibitions. Many stress situations that occur across the globe are shown by the Greyhound Diaries and learn more about Doug.

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