Kim Dao’s 10 Must Buy Japanese Hair Care Products For 2017

In her final month in Japan in 2017, ace Aussie YouTuber Kim Dao recommended a list of 10 amazing Japanese hair care products. As an expert on Japanese fashion, beauty and skin care, Kim Dao has some unique insights on the highlighted products.


The featured brand handpicked by Kim Dao include Kao, Shiseido Tsubaki, Ichikami, and Oshima Tsubaki. The products include everything you need to take care of your hair, from shampoos to hair fragrances, conditioners, oils and even a curling iron. These are all products Kim Dao has been using personally. Learn more:


Hair damage is one of the main focuses of this video log. Since she has had a lot of hair colorings and bleaches, Kim Dao recounts how she used to suffer from damaged hair strands. The Kao Essential Damage Care is what she uses to nourish her fabulous looking locks back to health. Learn more:


Morning hair can ruin a great day! And the Japanese know it very well since they have a tendency to leave their hair damp at night. The list includes several hair sprays to take of any potential nightmare situations related to morning hair.


Kim Dao has made Japan her second home over the years, and it shows, in the way she gives interesting insights and tips about Japanese products. She even has some buying advice if you should find yourself in Japan and need to buy some quality hair care products. Learn more:


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