Jose Hawilla and The Elements of A Good and Accountable Business Leader

Recidivist is not a standard word people usually use, but it’s a word that all people should at least be familiar with. Recidivist means a repeat offender. It could mean someone who hasn’t learned from a mistake. It means someone who hasn’t really paid the price for their mistakes. This is some attitude that no good leader should have because leaders know skin in the game or the idea of paying for one’s mistakes and taking accountability for it. That said, what are the other traits of a good leader? What makes an excellent successful entrepreneur?



The Attitudes of A Good Leader



In an article from The Balance, we learned that not all personalities are made to be a leader. In the first place, leaders are sometimes for those who want to struggle and to want to fail many times to learn from their mistakes. To say nothing of the perseverance that a leader should have to get to their goals.




It is also mentioned in The Balance that a good leader may also have to do with where they are situated. Most leaders succeed because of being in the right place the right time. This is because success in business could mostly come from luck. Luck should not be discounted. Luck should be valued in a way that would not be seen as something detrimental to the success of a business. Luck should be an essential facet of any business’ planning. Check out




It is also often said that entrepreneurs who want to do trial and error more and want to feel the dirt and the mistakes of their ventures become more likely to succeed. They know more than those who stick with books. They know more than those who hold to ideas and not act on them in the real world. That means they’re far more superior to any other kind of leader today. One of the leaders today who show such traits is Jose Hawilla.



The Brazilian Business Master



Jose Hawilla is known for starting a sports marketing company that offers help to many companies achieve the exposure they need. Jose used to be a journalist at TV Tem.


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