Harry Harrison Interview

Wildly insightful and profoundly innovative, Harry Harrison boasts an array of laudable attributes. Before claiming the prestigious status he holds today, Harrison was an enthusiastic collegiate with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. The first university Harrison attended, the University of Cambridge, is where he earned his degree in finance. Soon after his graduation, Harrison went for his BS degree at the University of Warwick. Following his college career, Harrison pursued a line of work in financial services. According to Harrison, this realm was his calling.

After some time, Harrison found himself at Barclays Non-Core, a banking institution headquartered in London. During his tenure at Barclays, Harrison developed an appreciation for industry reform. More specifically, he wanted to inject modernism into the walls of Barclays. Harrison did just that when he devised a new paradigm that allowed Barclays to serve as a critical component in the U.S. rates market. Not surprisingly, Harrison earned a deserved position at the helm after displaying such impressive levels of proficiency. For the next three years, Harrison would serve as the head of Barclays.

Cut to 2017, and Harrison humbly stepped down from his position. A family man through and through, Harrison returned home to assume his favorite role yet: stay-at-home dad. When he’s not navigating the unpredictabilities of day-to-day life, Harrison is providing financial counseling on areas including financial technology, private equity, and venture capital. To date, the most inspiring entrepreneur Harrison’s partnered with is his wife, Amy Nauiokas. Together, the two make a powerhouse couple.