Gulf Coast Western

The united states are ranked 11th of all the countries that have proven oil reserves and it’s ranked fifth of the top 10 world’s biggest natural oil reserves. Within our borders, these resources are limited and thus very valuable. Gulf Coast Western is a company making an impact in both the oil and gas sector.

Who Is Gulf Coast Western?

Launched in 1970, Gulf Coast Western is headquartered in Dallas Texas but has several locations throughout the united states (Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma). This family-owned business got a new addition, Matthew Fleeger, but it wasn’t a simple path for him.

Who Is Matthew Fleeger?

Mr. Fleeger graduated from Southern Methodist University where he studied finance and marketing. He entered the workforce and held various positions for several companies before joining the family business at Gulf Coast Western.

The Prodigal Son

Matthew Fleeger’s initial time at Gulf Coast Western was short lived as his entrepreneurial juices were flowing and he left the family business. In 1993, He launched his own company MedSolutions, a medical waste company. It would go on to grow and become a major player in the medical waste industry for 14 years. Matthew Fleeger was approached by Stericycle who acquired MedSolutions for almost $60 million. With no regrets, Mr. Fleeger sold his creation and went back into the open arms of Gulf Coast Western. His wisdom and experience earned him the position of both President and CEO. The business was now passed from father to son in a new iteration of leadership but still contained within the family.

Work Ethic

Mr. Fleeger understands the power of family and treasures his daily routine of taking his children to school every day. He then gets into the office about a quarter to nine and begins to plot, plan, and strategize his daily business movements. He creates a to-do list and works his way down from the top to the bottom and doesn’t stop until all his goals are met.

When asked for his advice for success, Mr. Fleeger said, “I visualize a positive outcome first, then create a path to obtaining it second.”