Gino Pozzo’s Contributions to English Premier League

English Premier League is home to some of the best talents in soccer. According to BBC Sports — one of the most authoritative sports outlet — Watford is among the best teams in this league. The team is also one of the few teams that have a rich and competitive history in this sport. In the last decade, however, the team has registered average performance in all competitions. Fortunately, in the previous two seasons, Gino Pozzo is challenging this reality. Through funding and better decisions, Pozzo is shaping the future of the club. In the 2018-19 season, for example, Watford has registered some of the best results — especially against major clubs.

Gino Pozzo is arguably one of the few sports investors to have an unmatched understanding of sports. In the last two seasons, he has assisted the club in securing some of the best talents — especially from Italy. In soccer, defense players from Italy are synonymous with competitiveness and more importantly, thoughtful approach to playing. Gino Pozzo has hired talent scouts around the world to assist the club in getting the best talents. Although he has given the club the ability to buy expensive players, he is a believer of talents. Thanks to his approach, the club has improved its game possession, and more importantly, pundits have started associating Watford with beautiful playing.

Watford Fc is not his first investment in the world of soccer. Six years ago, Gino Pozzo assisted Granada F.C to reinvent back winning. Pozzo is, therefore, one of the smartest investors in soccer — especially in Europe. Interesting, Pozzo is also one of the few investors that are willing to give a poorly performing team a chance to reinvent and start a new journey. He attributes his approach to sports investment to his ability to study the sports market and more importantly, his ability to identify a potential and give it a voice — through enough funding.