George Soros – The Man To Reckon With In The US Political Landscape

When it comes to the political landscape of the West, there are many influential people trying to positively shape the future by backing the leaders who align with their ideology on Politico. However, one of the names that shine right through without needing much introduction is George Soros. He has rightly through his hard work, persistence and dedication to the noble causes he feels greatly for, has championed his way over the years by making considerable contributions in the social and political spectrum on of the nation.

In the recent US Presidential Elections 2016, George Soros, as per his characteristic simplicity and straightforwardness, didn’t hide his opposition for Donald Trump and did everything in his power to support Hillary. Even though George Soros had dialed back his political contributions greatly after supporting Bush in 2004 and having lost more than $20 million, he continued to support Democratic causes and leaders unequivocally. George Soros has unflinching faith in the abilities of Hillary Clinton as a leader, and knew her democratic background and the causes she stood for, including immigration and justice reforms, aligns well with what the US most desperately needs today, among other reforms.

This is why through various Democratic Super PACs and direct contributions through fundraisers, George Soros funded Clinton’s Presidential Election Campaign with around $24 Million. And, he didn’t stop there, because when he believes in something, he goes all guns firing, and this is the kind of passion and enthusiasm he carries till date, even when he is in his late eighties. George Soros’ support for Clinton’s run for Presidency and funding her campaign also helped the campaign by pulling in many other billionaires, which included famous names such as Calvin Klein, Tom Steyer, Oprah Winfrey, Sheryl Sandberg, Steve Elmendorf, Haim Saban, among many others.

Born and raised in Hungary during his early childhood, Soros was lucky to survive both the World Wars. He even survived the bloody Siege of Budapest, which happened when he was in the city. These life experiences and witnessing world’s transformation on Forbes over the years helped him gain the political and financial perspectives and foresightedness that has proven to be his strength. This holds true actually because of his wide array of accomplishments in the sphere of finance, business, social welfare, and politics. He is the 27th richest person in the world and has amassed fortune well over $24 billion as a hedge-funder and investor in equities, in a career spanning over half a century.

When the US Election 2016 looked like sliding from the hands of Clinton and the Democratic Party, even though he was disappointed, he already made plans to ensure that causes he cares for like religious intolerance, racial disparity, justice reforms and immigration restructuring can be taken care of. And, this is why, there was a meeting called in Washington, which was attended by all the major Clinton supporters to analyze and plan what can be done to ensure that the money left after the US elections can be spent wisely to constitutionally protect against any ulterior moves against Democratic causes that Trump might take, as was mentioned by him during election rhetoric.

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  1. I am aware that one of the best leaders in politics is really going to be in the right frame of mind and I should say that will be amazing. Actually just taking on the face value is really hard to take. I think we believe that some of the support base will have to be taken so much seriously for that matter.

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