Fun Facts About Kim Dao

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming sites on the internet today. With its large variety of video content, there is something for everybody. Certain content creators attract a significant fan base because of their niche content. One such content creator gaining popularity is Kim Dao. Kim Dao is a YouTuber who creates videos of make-up tutorials and fashion tips. Kim Dao also has a subsidiary channel where she plays video games. One of Kim Dao’s videos, “50 Random Facts About Me~! | Kim Dao” is a video that highlights 50 fun facts about Kim Dao. One fact that Kim Dao shares about herself is that she is an Australian native who was born and raised within the country. Her parents are of Vietnamese origin and immigrated to Australia at one point.  She also greatly dislikes seafood and its smell, particularly prawns. Ironically, she enjoys sushi. She enjoys eating a second dinner around midnight while watching her favorite television shows. Kim Dao states that she is a large fan of the popular video game franchise Pokémon and has been playing since she was ten years of age. This is evident as her gaming channel is composed mostly of Pokémon related videos. Within the game she has captured all 718 Pokémon and dedicated over 300 hours to its gameplay. The video contains many more facts about Kim Dao.

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