Investments In Cold Hard Cash With US Money Reserve

With all of the investment vehicles available, it can be difficult for the average American to know where to stash their hard-earned, disposable income. In the process of building a healthy investment portfolio, there is one question that baffles the average investor. Should precious metals be included, and if so, what kind, how much, and how does someone go about acquiring them?

Veteran investors know to enlist the services of a reputable financial advisor, to help them navigate the sea of possible wealth building opportunities. However, these vehicles of wealth accumulation are always subject to market volatility, and even real estate investments can suffer costly losses in a bad economy. This is not the case with precious metals, which historically have increased in value during economic downturns. According to an April 16, 2015 article, the price of gold actually rose $200 per ounce during the great recession from December 2007 to October 2009. The same article also references a study conducted by Barclays Wealth, which found that 20% of the high-net-worth US individuals in this study held tangible assets due to their unique inflation protection. That is all very interesting information, however, where would the not-so-savvy investor turn for help in adding precious metals to their mix of assets?

One of the largest precious metal providers, specializing in legal tender of government-issued gold and silver, is US Money Reserve. At the helm of US Money Reserve is the 35th Director of the US Mint, Philip N Diehl, currently serving as the company President, and Angie Koch, who serves as the CEO. With their knowledge and experience, they have created a culture of customer service that seeks to cultivate long lasting client relationships, between this privately held company and each one of its clients.

When it comes to researching and buying precious metals, US Money Reserve provides a one-stop shop for everything you ever wanted to know about gold, silver, and platinum coins, and gold and silver bullion,by entering their online Knowledge Center at their website. Whether you are new to investing or an outright guru of financial products, US Money Reserve consultants will listen to your goals and give you expert guidance on how to acquire the right metals in the right amounts. US Money Reserve can even help create a Self-directed precious metals IRA using a transfer from an existing 401(k) or IRA.

There has never been a better time to discover how investing in precious metals can boost your wealth portfolio than right now.

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