3 Eco Travel Destinations That Will Make You Pack Your Bags Now

Are you someone who just cannot sit still for more than a few days without a change of scenery? Are you seeking travel and have a wanderlust spirit, one that needs to go beyond the borders of your homeland? Do you love experiencing nature for nature in itself, for the beauty that surrounds this earth we live on? If all of these things describe you, then you must check out these three travel destinations that are sure to please the eco-friendly traveler who is looking for a plane to catch.

Costa Rica

A small country filled with the Pura Vida lifestyle, a tranquil community of people who work hard to keep their country green and eco-friendly, Costa Rica needs to be on your to-do list of places to visit at some point in your lifetime. Whether you want to go exploring the wildlife (including lots of sloths, monkeys, frogs, and crocodiles) that live deep in the thick of the rain forests, test your balance and swimming with riding the rapids on the rivers, or lay out for the day on the black sand beaches, this beautiful country is filled with go-green people and an all natural approach to life.


While you might immediately think of Kenya being solely savannas that are roamed by lots of elephants and lions, there are also lots of mountains, rain forests, and beaches to explore as well. You can see all sort of wildlife with their own ecosystems in one of Kenya’s fifty national parks that are scattered all over the desert land. You could go on your stereotypical African safari (which are awesome) or spend the day exploring the underwater of the coral reefs. The choice is yours!

Kerela, India

Located on the southwestern coast of India, Kerela is a small and reserved state of India that is filled with thousands of different plant species (over a quarter of the ten thousand species in India), as well as lots of wildlife including mountain goats, elephants, and wild boar. While forest cutting used to be an issue, this small section of India now works to protect their wildlife and ecosystem and have lots of laws in place to do so.


WildArk has a mission of reaching lots of different areas of the “green belt” of the world. They do this by providing opportunities for other eco-enthusiasts to research, travel, and work towards the goal of protecting and conserving different aspects of wildlife and species today. They make a difference every day with their travels and conserving spirits, and one day will be able to claim they reached their goal of deleting the challenges facing endangered wildlife and species right now, today!


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