Roberto Santiago’s Extensive Accomplishments

In 1989, Roberto Santiago made the life-changing decision to open up a mall that would eventually become one of the biggest and best malls in all of Brazil. He wanted a place where people could come and be able to try new things while still remaining in somewhat of a comfort zone. He saw it as a place where people would be able to enjoy themselves and where they would be able to try more with the different options that they had. Because of the way that the mall worked and because so many people are so fond of it, Roberto was able to find that it was a very successful business.

The mall not only has the regular shopping opportunities but it also has things like bars, restaurants and banks. Unlike some of the other malls that are in Brazil and around the globe, this mall has a college in it. It makes it a convenient place for people to do nearly everything that they need to do. From shopping to eating and even learning, everyone gets a chance to be able to do something in the mall so that they are able to do more with the place that is going on and with the options that are included in the mall. Roberto Santiago, when he designed the mall, even made sure that it had a large entertainment center in it so that people would be able to do more and learn more about what was going on in the mall. Read more on

The way that things are done in Brazil are a little different and Roberto Santiago’s mall, the Manaira Mall, is a place where people from hundreds of miles away can come and enjoy everything that there is to offer. Most of the people who come to Manaira do so with the intention that they are going to stay for a day or more. It allows them to find the right things that they are looking for and also have a chance at getting some of the entertainment options that the mall has for them.

It is a great thing that Roberto Santiago has done with the mall but he also knew that he wanted to do more than just simply run a mall. For that reason, he started a blog. As a writer, he is confident in his skills to tell other people interesting things. As a Brazillian, he is confident in his ability to entice them to come to Brazil. This recent venture has allowed him the chance to write a travel blog and show people what they are missing when they are not visiting Brazil. It has been a great opportunity for him and his career. Learn more at Wikipedia about Roberto Santiago.