Rocketship Educations Keys To Successful Learning Strategies

There are many different teaching styles that may make up a school. This in part is why schools can have mixed reviews of success. A teaching style by one teacher that is successful is most often their own style and it is not implemented as a strategy for an entire school. But a successful school often has some very basic strategies that work across the board and therefore they apply to all teachers and students.

That is the strategy of the Rocketship Education platform. Rocketship Education system is a group of magnate schools in several locations across the country. They were founded in California and have since expanded to other locations across the country as their successful platforms have grown. They use a standard approach in all of their schools for some of their basic teaching strategies that have proven to be very successful.

Rocketship Education is a holistic approach to education that is created to help students that are typically in lower performing, lower income areas. They have some very basic approaches to their education style that have proven to be very successful for these students. They have some of the top performing schools in each region they are in.

One of their key focus areas is providing students with a very learning supportive environment. This is started by providing students with lower student-teacher ratios. This approach allows for students to interact with their teacher and peers on a more personal basis. One of the reasons this is critical is that when there is a smaller classroom environment, children’s thoughts and opinions are more readily listened to, heard and valued as part of a more intimate group environment.

The next approach that Rocketship utilizes in developing their success strategy includes, creating a dynamic environment filled with innovation and project based study. This affords children a greater experience and a more integrated learning. While book study education can be a good and important approach for fact based data, project based learning helps them to tap into a child’s creative learning skills. This is most often the type of learning style that helps integrate information into a longer-term memory base. The failures of many education systems often stems from a detached detail based environment that can foster competitive and peer abusive situations which fail to sustain a child’s mind or educational abilities. At Rocketship Schools all children are supported, embraced and respected in their attempts to better their educational knowledge.