Harry Harrison Interview

Wildly insightful and profoundly innovative, Harry Harrison boasts an array of laudable attributes. Before claiming the prestigious status he holds today, Harrison was an enthusiastic collegiate with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. The first university Harrison attended, the University of Cambridge, is where he earned his degree in finance. Soon after his graduation, Harrison went for his BS degree at the University of Warwick. Following his college career, Harrison pursued a line of work in financial services. According to Harrison, this realm was his calling.

After some time, Harrison found himself at Barclays Non-Core, a banking institution headquartered in London. During his tenure at Barclays, Harrison developed an appreciation for industry reform. More specifically, he wanted to inject modernism into the walls of Barclays. Harrison did just that when he devised a new paradigm that allowed Barclays to serve as a critical component in the U.S. rates market. Not surprisingly, Harrison earned a deserved position at the helm after displaying such impressive levels of proficiency. For the next three years, Harrison would serve as the head of Barclays.

Cut to 2017, and Harrison humbly stepped down from his position. A family man through and through, Harrison returned home to assume his favorite role yet: stay-at-home dad. When he’s not navigating the unpredictabilities of day-to-day life, Harrison is providing financial counseling on areas including financial technology, private equity, and venture capital. To date, the most inspiring entrepreneur Harrison’s partnered with is his wife, Amy Nauiokas. Together, the two make a powerhouse couple.

The Future of Cryptocurrency Malcolm CasSelle

Cryptocurrency is, in simple terms virtual money. It is a relatively new field in computing and like any other new item, it has faced a number of speculations and criticism. No one is willing to risk with his or her money on a system that he or she don’t understand. For a better understanding of how cryptocurrency works, it’s better we use a platform that most people are familiar with. Online gaming. In most online games the reward for participation and achievements within the game. This money, mostly on the term of coins, is used to purchase items, still within the game, to improve your chances while gaming. This is what Malcolm CasSelle saw when he pointed out that online gaming will ignite the world of cryptocurrency.

Malcolm CasSelle is the co-founder of Opskins, a world leader in in-game virtual assets trade and the leading bitcoin trader on the planet. Though the firm has had its fair share of success and a worldwide following, it has faced a number of challenges in its plans to decentralize most of its virtual assets transactions. These challenges rely heavily on technological lag or technological barriers in the system to support such functionalities. Malcolm CasSelle and the creators of Opskins are implementing a blockchain platform for virtual assets trading, called WAX. WAX stands for World Wide Assets eXchange.

Challenges in the implementation of cryptocurrency are fraud prevention and fragmentation of virtual financial transactions. The WAX token has solved these issues by first uniting all fragmented virtual asset market by being a blockchain. WAX token facilitates the virtual assets trade by creating a frictionless trade where users can sell and buy virtual assets from different avenues. On fraud, WAX token solves the problem by the use of a smart contract. This contract ensures that there is safe delivery of assets and the parties involved are held accountable.

Malcolm CasSelle has founded and co-founded a number of tech companies with roots in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and China. He the current president of the WAX token and the CIO of Opskins. He is also the strategic advisor on partnership development for the company. Prior to his current positions, Malcolm CasSelle was the CTO and president of Tribune Publishing.

Find out more about Malcolm CasSelle: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/malcolm-casselle

AvaTrade Customer Review: Forex Trading

Overview of AvaTrade

AvaTrade is a Forex brokerage trading platform company based in Ireland. The firm was formerly known as the AvaFX trade then transformed into the famous AvaTrade. The firm is widely known for its extensive and updated trading materials for Forex transaction. The company’s headquarters are situated in Dublin. Apart from that, they have opened subsidiaries in Milan, Paris, Tokyo, and Sydney. According to AvaTrade review, the management stated that they record $60 million Trading turnover per month. This makes it the right platform for many dealers.

AvaTrade is regulated and operates under the guidelines of the Central Bank if Irish. Moreover, the brokerage firm operates under the guidelines of the local financial institutions, and commercial brokers regulators. Thus, it is a firm that can be trusted due to its accreditation.

According to AvaTrade customer reviews, the brokerage firm is spectacular in providing the following services.

Trading software

As a Forex brokerage firm, you are supposed to be updated with the latest internet technological advancements. Online processes make business efficient and fast. AvaTrade hasn’t been left behind since it incorporates numerous trading software. In fact, this has been one of the key success factors that have drawn more clients to the firm. They use the following trading software;

AvaTrader – This is a software that has been developed and maintained by the AvaTrade IT department. The software makes it convenient to transact Forex with just a clip. Moreover, the software provides a friendly user interface that is convenient for both beginners and experts.

MetaTrader 4 – Many dealers consider it as one of the best software to transact Forex. It has features that allow you to make transactions conveniently. Other trading apps include Web trading option with a browser extension, MacTrading option, Mobile apps for iOS and Android tablet and smartphone users, and Mobile version of the website for mobile users.

Trading facilities

Accurate prediction is a paramount feature when it comes to Forex transactions. You have to include the necessary facilities and resources to ensure accuracy. AvaTrade has heavily invested in this field which has resulted in many dealers approaching the firm.

Former diplomat Daniel Taub opinion on Iran’s nuclear weapons

Israel is likely to work together with some of its antagonist going forth. Their interests of the countries in the Middle East are common especially on matters that touch on the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

According to the former Israeli diplomat to the United Kingdom, Mr. Daniel Taub, there is a common consensus among the states in the region that no country should be allowed to manufacture nuclear weapons. The matter has arisen out of the evidence that Iran is actively involved in the manufacture of nuclear weapons. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jul/13/israel-peace-pressure-israeli and http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/personal-view/8833883/Gilad-Shalits-return-is-a-testament-to-Israels-love-of-life.html

The countries in the Middle East all agree that if Iran is allowed to manufacture these weapons, there will be a problem in the future. There is a high probability that these weapons may end up in the hands of the terror group in the region.

These are groups that may harm others in the region. Israel is one country that does not take its security lightly. It is concerned that Iran has been supporting terror groups such as the Hezbollah. In a case where the terror groups have access to nuclear weapons, then there would be a problem in terms of the country’s ability to secure its territory. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Many governments in the Middle East share the same concerns that Israel has been putting forward to the international community. The UN has been at the center of brokering a deal that will see Iran stop manufacturing of nuclear weapons.

However, according to Daniel Taub, the deal that was arrived at is weak and cannot prevent Iran from manufacturing these weapons. The agreement does not have any punitive measures that can make Iran stop its nuclear weapons manufacturing activities.

Daniel Taub believes that there will soon be more cooperation between countries in the region as they look into making the territories more secure.

The traditional differences between Israel and the Arab nations are likely to take a back seat as more issues of concern comes up. Other Arab countries believe that nuclear weapons in Iran would be a disaster. Tehran is at the center of radical extremists who have posed a great threat to the stability of the Middle East.

Daniel Taub believes that Israel is not alone in worrying about the insecurity threat that is posed by Iran with the nuclear weapons they are manufacturing.

Daniel Taub is of the opinion that if the countries which are against the move rise above the traditional differences, there is a likelihood that they will pressurize the international community to put in place a deal that will ensure no production of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

Daniel Taub: Former Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom

The Middle East is probably the worst part of the world when it comes to matter conflicts. It is one area that has never known peace for ages. Historical injustices have been at the center of the delayed conflicts. Israel stands right at the epicenter of the conflicts.

Its acquisition of Palestine territory has led to a very meaningful relationship between Israel and the neighboring Arab countries. Arab countries see the action by Israel as mistreatment of the Arabic countries in the region, Palestine. The struggle to find peace in the region has lagged, and the end is still obscure. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Daniel Taub, the former Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom, is a person who understands the dynamics of the peace negotiations in the region. He has taken part in the peace negotiations and understands what hinders a working peace resolution. Daniel Taub has been at the center of the peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

He was a lead envoy on behalf of Israel during the peace negotiations. His experience working for in the peace negotiations have shown him that Israel is not the problem or the hindrance to the peace deal. The neighboring countries keep on shifting goals whenever there is an agreement on the table. Daniel Taub had facilitated one of the peace deals which was later abandoned by Palestine.

Daniel Taub however, is an optimistic man. He has seen that there is a possibility of stability being achieved in the region. Looking at some of the developments that have happened recently such as the Iran nuclear weapons acquisition, even Arab countries which have never supported Israel are on their side this time.

Countries in the region feel that if Iran is allowed to make weapons of mass destruction, peace will never be attained in the region. Countries such as the Gulf of States and Saudi Arabia are some of the countries that have indicated that they will oppose any attempts by Iran to acquire such weaponry.

The issue of Iran according to Daniel Taub has presented a new opportunity for countries in the region to work together for the common good. This recent development has proved that countries can work together despite the differences they have of there are common interests.

Daniel Taub hopes that those countries can expand their cooperation to include other factors such as economic growth and peace treaties. Although historical injustices have not been resolved countries can overlook the matter and focus on the recent developments.

Learn more about Daniel Taub:

http://www.everipedia.com/editor/dtaub/ and http://www.behance.net/danieltaub