What Variable Should You Test With A/B Testing?

One of the biggest challenges with running a profitable site today is setting a site up that beats their competition. In fact, since not all industries are the same, the site that is deployed must meet certain specifications. This especially true when site owners are trying to devise marketing campaigns for ecommerce. Because ecommerce sites usually need aggressive and strategic marketing campaigns that will increase its conversion rates for more profits, there must be consistent changes made to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. However, before making changes that can impact the bottom line negatively, it is important that these changes be made with accurate and reliable information that has already been tested.

So, before a marketing team and their owners go forward with significant changes to their site, it is very important that new changes be well tested prior to moving them into a live environment. To that end, what variables on a site can be tested with a combination of A/B testing and AI?

  1. Ads

Because a site is made up of so many different elements, its overall performance can be related to different factors on any given site. Specifically, if the site owner makes some or most of the money that they earn through ads that the post on each web page. Therefore, it is important for the owners to know which ads are bringing in the most profits and those ads that do not yield any income at all.

To find identify these differences, A/B testing can be done to see which ads may need to be removed with another ad. For instance, if the current ad is only making $1000 a month, it can be replaced with an ad that makes $2000 a month.

  1. Content

Whenever a site owner is deciding to post different types of useful content on their site, they may need to test it out to see how profitable the new content will be. To find the differences in profitability, A/B testing can be done to identify the real impact of making this type of decision.

  1. Layout

It is not uncommon for a site’s layout to be changed in different ways. However, before these changes are launched live, the site owner can verify the impact in advance. One of the best ways to make this decision is to use A/B testing to find the differences between the two layouts involved.

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