Beneful Dog Food and Healthy Dogs

In this first commercial, a man in a suit comes home from work and checks the mail. He finds a tennis ball with the logo “Beneful” on it. He rolls his eyes and shuts the mailbox. He walks into his house and when he opens the fridge, hundreds of tennis balls cascade out and bounce to the floor. The business’ man dog cocks his head, the man smiles and pours him a bowl of Beneful. After the dog has his dinner, the man plays fetch with his dog from one of the many tennis balls the dog planted around the house.

In this second commercial, a young woman tells us that she has had to start hiding the dog food bag because her dog keeps finding it and sticking his head straight into the bag. She then lists the ingredients in the dog food; grains, proteins, and vegetables, and says that it sounds like a dinner she would make for herself. Her dog offers to share his meal with her so that she too can have a healthy dinner.

In this third commercial, a dog munches down on Beneful Healthy Weight and wonders to himself how something this healthy can taste so good. He looks up at his owner and tells him that he’s going to show him how strong he is when they wrestle and that he’s got no idea what’s coming. Then, we watch the dog and his owner wrestle around after they both finish their healthy dinners.

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