Article Title: How Igor Cornelsen Became The Success He Is

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Igor Cornelsen has long been seen as an innovative leader in the investment banking world. This has chiefly been because of a variety of notable positions he’s held since beginning in the industry. For the past two decades or so, he’s primarily been known as the founder of Bainbridge Investment Inc, which he established in 1995. His reputation continued to rise since then. However, Cornelsen hasn’t always been at the top of the investment banking niche and hadn’t initially planned on entering into the profession. Instead, he had begun studying Engineering at the Federal University of Parana; this changed not long after he enrolled in the university, with Cornelsen switching his focus to Economics.

After graduating, Igor Cornelsen then began working at Multibanco, an investment bank in Rio. With his experience in engineering from university, Cornelsen was able to make a significant impact by utilizing computers and networks in his position. His reputation rose in the industry as a result; this then led to a variety of other prominent positions over the coming years. Chief among these was a promotion to the board of governors, and eventually a position as Multibanco’s CEO. After the investment bank was purchased by Bank of America, he began to look for roles in other businesses.

This led to Igor Cornelsen working with Unibanco, and eventually the Libra Bank PLC in London. The move to the Libra Bank proved to be a successful one, with Cornelsen soon being invited onto its board of directors. The next seven years were successful for both he and the company, with Igor Cornelsen’s reputation growing significantly. In 1995, he departed from the company to found Bainbridge Investment. Since then, the company has continued to grow. From its base in the Bahamas, the business has overseen quite an extensive amount of assets and investments on behalf of a range of different clients.

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