Article Title: Ara Chackerian: An Entrepreneur, Seed Investor, And Committed Philanthropist

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Ara Chackerian, a San Franciscan based Philanthropist, has built his name both in the business world and the philanthropy world too. He has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the Florida State and has co-founded a couple of successful business companies in the world. His work focuses more on community development and has spent his career in healthcare where he has experience in bridging technology and healthcare services. Apart from having an interest in healthcare, he has a passion for the causes of environmental development and youth development too. In his latest venture, the TMS Health Solutions, he partnered up with his longtime business associate in building an out-patient diagnostic radiology center in yet another healthcare area. During their research in technology and treatment, they realized that TMS had the full potential in becoming the third pillar in psychiatric care alongside medication and talk therapy. This was mainly for patients who suffered from major depressive disorders, and it was fairing on well.

Ara Chackerian continued to explain that they wanted to expand access to this facility; therefore they worked together by building outpatient facilities in other areas to create something unique and special. Their main vision was to come up with a model that delivered care to both the patient and physician to enable them to achieve their desired results through an incorporated methodology in terms of treatment and experience too. Ara’s goal is to improve the overall medical care that patients receive. They want patients to feel as if they are not going to some doctor’s office rather to a peaceful place that’ll help them relax which is very important for patients with psychiatric disorders. Ara added that his ideas came from real life experiences. Being raised in an environment that encouraged thinking about life his idea cropped up.

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