Are You Looking to Plan a Party?

Is the stress of doing everything on your own to much? Being prepared and giving yourself room ahead of time is never a bad idea. Make things more simple and prepare a checklist. Making several lists for shopping, planning an organized guest list will help simplify things. Simply highlight or check mark what has been completed and move on.


Coming up with a theme can be tough, but there are so many options. For example serving tasty drinks and hiring entertainment is a good start. Having games to play and multiple things to do through out the night. All-though online invitations are quick and easy, you may find more success in mailing your invitation and keeping things interesting by decorating it to match your theme. Head to a local arts and craft store and brainstorm your unique idea.


Making sure you provide a self-serve bar or at least a wide variety of drinks will ensure the party stays afloat. Advertising drinks as soon as your guests walk in the door so the fun starts asap. Coming up with your own special concoction shows everyone that you have good taste. Having tasty treats and simple appetizers gives your guests even more of a reason to stay. Keep it classy and serve up something for everyone, include vegetarian appetizers for people who may not eat meat.


Having a big party usually equates to friends bringing their kids, ensuring that you have a way to keep them occupied is key. Set up some sort of kid’s table and provide some sort of entertainment for them. The last thing you want at your party is children nagging you to go home early.


Whether inside or outside make sure to keep your tableware matching the theme. You don’t have to go over the top, but keeping your tables lightly decorated shows your guests that you put your all into the party and will keep them coming back. Try your best to stay relaxed and attentive to everyone, creating a welcoming presence is key. Always end a good party with favors, and goody bags for the kids. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something nice to show that you appreciate their company.


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