Article Title: How Igor Cornelsen Became The Success He Is

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Igor Cornelsen has long been seen as an innovative leader in the investment banking world. This has chiefly been because of a variety of notable positions he’s held since beginning in the industry. For the past two decades or so, he’s primarily been known as the founder of Bainbridge Investment Inc, which he established in 1995. His reputation continued to rise since then. However, Cornelsen hasn’t always been at the top of the investment banking niche and hadn’t initially planned on entering into the profession. Instead, he had begun studying Engineering at the Federal University of Parana; this changed not long after he enrolled in the university, with Cornelsen switching his focus to Economics.

After graduating, Igor Cornelsen then began working at Multibanco, an investment bank in Rio. With his experience in engineering from university, Cornelsen was able to make a significant impact by utilizing computers and networks in his position. His reputation rose in the industry as a result; this then led to a variety of other prominent positions over the coming years. Chief among these was a promotion to the board of governors, and eventually a position as Multibanco’s CEO. After the investment bank was purchased by Bank of America, he began to look for roles in other businesses.

This led to Igor Cornelsen working with Unibanco, and eventually the Libra Bank PLC in London. The move to the Libra Bank proved to be a successful one, with Cornelsen soon being invited onto its board of directors. The next seven years were successful for both he and the company, with Igor Cornelsen’s reputation growing significantly. In 1995, he departed from the company to found Bainbridge Investment. Since then, the company has continued to grow. From its base in the Bahamas, the business has overseen quite an extensive amount of assets and investments on behalf of a range of different clients.

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Recap of the Consultancy Career of Luke Lazarus

The business professional is based in Melbourne. He has worked as a startup consultant for more than two decades now. Some of the activities involved in his work include developing business plans, managing growth, and offering advice to CEOs of different firms in Australia.

Luke Lazarus provides insights that ensure clarity of various aspects of a business and hence making the decision-making process easy. Every business leader needs to have partners with the ability to address different issues that ensure business success. He attended Melbourne Business School where he acquired an MBA.

Luke Lazarus was committed to achieving his career goals after completing his studies. He sold four firms before he attained 33 years of age. Luke has earned a good reputation for his excellent consultancy skills. Currently, the business executive spends most of his time in various businesses to help them start their operations and to regain their momentum.

He has worked with various managers to define their business plans and projections. The business executive believes that a business plan is crucial when a company is introducing or restructuring a product. According to him, the management team must develop a business plan that investors, partners, employees, and customers can easily understand. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus Profile |

He urges entrepreneurs to ensure that their business plans are flexible. Some of his clients have acknowledged his ability to identify features of a winning product story. Luke Lazarus has been to boardrooms for different startups to seek financial support by telling personal brand stories that the audience can relate to.

He has helped his clients to collect millions of dollars through his investor presentations. He is a market research specialist, and his clients have benefited from his skills. Luke has vast experience in identifying segmented markets and customer influence points that are crucial in launching new products.

Competition is an essential factor for businesses to consider when introducing new products into the market. Luke Lazarus is knowledgeable about primary and secondary research models that businesses can use to analyze the level of competition in an industry.

He helps his clients to develop plans for taking goods and services to the market. According to him, every firm must have proper sales and marketing plans to ensure the success of such a process. He is involved in activities such as setting timelines and budgets.

During one of his interviews, Luke Lazarus disclosed that his day starts early in the morning. He spends about fifteen minutes to meditate every day.

According to him, the exercise helps to clear his head. Some of the other activities that he engages in after waking up include checking emails, making coffee, and going to the gym. He believes that he has been successful in his career because he is organized.

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Article Title: Ara Chackerian: An Entrepreneur, Seed Investor, And Committed Philanthropist

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Ara Chackerian, a San Franciscan based Philanthropist, has built his name both in the business world and the philanthropy world too. He has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the Florida State and has co-founded a couple of successful business companies in the world. His work focuses more on community development and has spent his career in healthcare where he has experience in bridging technology and healthcare services. Apart from having an interest in healthcare, he has a passion for the causes of environmental development and youth development too. In his latest venture, the TMS Health Solutions, he partnered up with his longtime business associate in building an out-patient diagnostic radiology center in yet another healthcare area. During their research in technology and treatment, they realized that TMS had the full potential in becoming the third pillar in psychiatric care alongside medication and talk therapy. This was mainly for patients who suffered from major depressive disorders, and it was fairing on well.

Ara Chackerian continued to explain that they wanted to expand access to this facility; therefore they worked together by building outpatient facilities in other areas to create something unique and special. Their main vision was to come up with a model that delivered care to both the patient and physician to enable them to achieve their desired results through an incorporated methodology in terms of treatment and experience too. Ara’s goal is to improve the overall medical care that patients receive. They want patients to feel as if they are not going to some doctor’s office rather to a peaceful place that’ll help them relax which is very important for patients with psychiatric disorders. Ara added that his ideas came from real life experiences. Being raised in an environment that encouraged thinking about life his idea cropped up.

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Gulf Coast Western

The united states are ranked 11th of all the countries that have proven oil reserves and it’s ranked fifth of the top 10 world’s biggest natural oil reserves. Within our borders, these resources are limited and thus very valuable. Gulf Coast Western is a company making an impact in both the oil and gas sector.

Who Is Gulf Coast Western?

Launched in 1970, Gulf Coast Western is headquartered in Dallas Texas but has several locations throughout the united states (Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma). This family-owned business got a new addition, Matthew Fleeger, but it wasn’t a simple path for him.

Who Is Matthew Fleeger?

Mr. Fleeger graduated from Southern Methodist University where he studied finance and marketing. He entered the workforce and held various positions for several companies before joining the family business at Gulf Coast Western.

The Prodigal Son

Matthew Fleeger’s initial time at Gulf Coast Western was short lived as his entrepreneurial juices were flowing and he left the family business. In 1993, He launched his own company MedSolutions, a medical waste company. It would go on to grow and become a major player in the medical waste industry for 14 years. Matthew Fleeger was approached by Stericycle who acquired MedSolutions for almost $60 million. With no regrets, Mr. Fleeger sold his creation and went back into the open arms of Gulf Coast Western. His wisdom and experience earned him the position of both President and CEO. The business was now passed from father to son in a new iteration of leadership but still contained within the family.

Work Ethic

Mr. Fleeger understands the power of family and treasures his daily routine of taking his children to school every day. He then gets into the office about a quarter to nine and begins to plot, plan, and strategize his daily business movements. He creates a to-do list and works his way down from the top to the bottom and doesn’t stop until all his goals are met.

When asked for his advice for success, Mr. Fleeger said, “I visualize a positive outcome first, then create a path to obtaining it second.”