“Isn’t it Romantic”, A Typical Rom-Com Movie that is Better than Expected

Basically, all romantic comedies follow the same rules; the lead characters are usually a smoking hot female and a great looking male who don’t know they are attracted to each other throughout the movie until the end, yet everyone else notices it from the start.

The background scenery of the movie is always bright and cheerful no matter what city it takes place in. And let’s not forget the lead character’s sexless or oversexed sidekick with no life of her own who is clumsy yet adorable.

The movie “Isn’t it Romantic” that’s now out on Netflix, is intended to be an anti-rom-com. Rebel Wilson plays the heroine Natalie, whose mother tells her — at a very young age — that the only way girls like them will find someone to marry them, is if a guy needs a visa. This gives Natalie a lack of self-confidence and makes her very skeptical when it comes to romance, which she carries with her while growing up. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

The film switches to the current day in New York, where the Aussie is an architect working on designs for a new hotel yet she is treated like a goffer girl by all the men rather than the qualified professional that she is.

When she gets mugged in a subway and hits her head violently, Natalie passes out, then wakes up in the hospital only to find that nothing is as it should be. Rather than waking up in a grungy emergency room with a doctor who is gruff, overworked, and understaffed, Natalie is surprised to find herself in a private room with perfect lighting and flowers everywhere, not to mention she has a dashing doctor and she looks glamorous herself with her face all made up.

You would think any girl would love this setup, but the truth is this is Natalie’s worst nightmare; a life of a romantic comedy that she was just mocking 15 minutes ago complete with the guru style gay neighbor, a female rival at work (Betty Gilpin), who wears extremely high heels, the unexpected stranger (Liam Hemsworth) who hits her with his car by accident, and the best friend (Devine) who is the best fit for her only she doesn’t see it that way.

Of course, such a candy-colored world deserves a soundtrack that you would expect to hear playing on Valentine’s Day as it includes music by Donna Lewis, Vanessa Carlton, Annie Lennox, and more.

The movie takes advantage of being able to mock all the cheeky spirited rom-com clichés’ as Natalie s thrown into a parallel universe type fantasy. Isn’t it Romantic, is entertaining and humorous, even for those among us who are non rom-comers.

The awkward Nancy is perfectly cast by Wilson, with her specific brand of a slightly flinched sense of humor and self-deprecating character who’s bewildered at times.

Whether you are a fan of Wilson’s or not as she does tend to lean toward the klutzy, slightly caustic, wallowing, archetype, you will actually find her endearing in this movie. Of course, it’s only 90 minutes long; a little more and she may have gone back to her gawky self.

But all in all, isn’t it romantic turned out to be better than expected for a rom-com movie.

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The Crowning Glory Of Heather Parry’s Career May Be A Star Is Born

The President of Live Nation Productions is Heather Parry. Her company has been an important part of the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper film called A Star Is Born. She offered her company’s marketing deck and her own passion to become a part of this amazing movie. Her drive is relentless and she rarely fails to take advantage of every opportunity. She launched Live Nation Productions in December of 2015. The company has since released the Sean Diddy Combs documentary, Five Foot Two, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, The After Party, Nos Amis and Believer.

Heather Parry

The pipeline includes films from Kim Petras and Noah Cyrus and From Cradle to Stage. All of the work from Heather Parry has a creative and unconventional edge. A Star is Born has eight Oscar nominations and has enraptured audiences across the globe. This is partially due to the personal touches Heather Parry insisted on during production. The nominations include Best picture, actress, actor, supporting actor, cinematography, original song, sound mixing and adapted screenplay.

Heather Parry has a lot of power because her list of contacts is formidable. Her career began at MTV News. She became the West Coast Bureau Chief prior to going into film development. She produced the remake of The Longest Yard and Get Rich or Die Tryin. Although Summit Entertainment purchased the rights, she had the first manuscript for Twilight. In 2005, she left MTV for Happy Madison Productions. During the next decade she produced Pixels, Just Go with It and The House Bunny. During the last three years she has maximized the potential for Live Nation, culminating in A Star Is Born.

According to Heather Parry, her company owns in excess of 100 music festivals. She runs trailers in concession stands, suites, puts up posters and gives her support to the marketing teams.

Info on a Financial Services Company

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NexBank is there for you.


Matthew Fleeger: Leading Gulf Coast Western to Success

It takes a lot of hard work and determination to make it through to the top position in any company. Matthew Fleeger has no doubt done both and is now a key player in . He has seen the company grow to greater heights.

The company was founded in 1970 and has built partnerships over the years. Every investor in the Gulf coast is educated on the risks and benefits of oil gas exploration. Gulf coast western is also involved in philanthropic activities; the company supports seven NGOs and charities.

Every company faces challenges once in a while, but it is how the leaders handle it that matters. Gulf Coast western went through difficult times during the oil recession. What Matthew Fleeger did was to be more efficient through carefully evaluating every aspect of the business. He also looked for ways to cut the overhead cost without losing his employees. During such a time, one has to think carefully to avoid making the wrong decision.

Matthew Fleeger has worked in different businesses before joining Gulf Coast Western. During his years at his previous employment, he learned to remain calm during downturns in the business. He also used the cash reserves to capitalize on reviving the oil market. He managed to get to out of the oil recession with his company soaring high on his employees happy and safe with their jobs.

Fleeger has many years of experience in the industry, which is backed with strong educational knowledge to go with it. He pursued his undergraduate from the Southern Methodist University where he graduated with a degree in finance and marketing. His father was in the oil and gas industry, which inspired him in his business pursuits. After successfully working in different companies, serving under different capacity, he eventually decided to join the family business— Gulf Coast Western.