Guilherme Paulus – Leading The Tourism Industry In Brazil

Guilherme Paulus was born in 1949 in São Paulo. He graduated in business administration and has nearly five decades of experience in the sector of tourism. He joined the list of Forbes billionaires as a result of the booming tourism sector in Brazil.

In 1972, he co-founded Operadora e Agencia de Viagens CVC Tur Ltd, a tour operator. He was 24 years old and his partner was a politician from Brazil, who left the venture after four years. He is also a Tourism National Board, which was named by Republic’s President.

Under the leadership of Guilherme Paulus, CVC become the largest tour operator in Latin America. In late 2009, Carlyle Group, a global private equity company, bought 63.6 percent stake in CVC at approximately 420 million dollars. The sale of the stake happened after Paulus made a decision to have the help of a global investment fund that will take CVC to a higher level in the tourism industry. The company’s capital was opened on the stock exchange in 2013. Currently, it has 5.2 billion dollars annually in revenue. It’s increasing by about 2 digits every year, and it has plans of opening 100 stores every year.

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The tour operator is found in 140 commercial galleries and hypermarkets and over 400 malls in Brazil. The company also works with the concept called Omnichannel: it integrates virtual stores, physical stores, and buyers. This is not common in the industry. CVC is one of the largest tour operators that take Brazilians to the U.S., Europe, the Caribbean, and South America. Guilherme Paulus is the founder of GJP Hotels & Resorts. In Brazil, it controls more than 15 hotels and resorts, and it’s bidding to build as well as maintain hotels close to airports in Brazil.

Guilherme Paulus will open another hotel at Avenida Cidade Jardim, an avenue in São Paulo. Paulus has just purchased the iconic building where DPZ ad agency has been operating. He’s planning to build a boutique hotel that has 65 apartments, rooftop plus a restaurant with event space. However, the name of the hotel is still not known. Paulus stated that they are thinking of coming up with some something new.

Ara Chackerian Supports China’s Move To Transfer 60,000 Soldiers To Help Plant Trees

China has been looking for ways to reduce pollution caused by the increasing number of industries in the country. The Chinese government has undertaken various programs to endure it citizens leave in a clean and secure environment. Pollution has caused poor health condition causing many to suffer from different diseases. People in some communities choke on the contaminated air and have to adapt, as they have no place to go.


The Chinese government decided to plant trees in areas with high pollution to help reduce the effects it is having among the communities. Many like Ara Chackerian are happy with this decision, as it will help improve the living conditions in the country.

In the last five years, the Chinese government reported that they had managed to plant 338,000 square miles of new forest. According to the head of the State Forestry Administration Zhang Jianlong, despite the increase in new trees, China will continue to plan tree in the five years. Ara Chackerian in his work seems to agree with this move, planting more trees will help create a healthier environment for the people and the future generations.


Planting these trees has not been an easy job. China has had to dedicate finances and labour for the project to be accomplished. The government decided to transfer 60,000 soldiers to its new tree planting projects to provide the labour force need. These soldiers were part of the Peoples Liberation Army and China armed police force. The soldiers were transferred from duty on the Northern Border to the heavily polluted Hebei province. Pollution from this province is believed to be affecting people in Beijing and other surrounding parts. You can visit for more.



The transferred soldiers were more than happy to serve in their new post. Some were grateful to get the opportunity to help change the situation in the country. Chackerian believes if more countries take up China’s stand start planting trees many of the existing diseases will no longer exist.

Ara Chackerian has been in dealing with health matters for the last 20 years. He has contributed to the industry by creating various healthcare companies. He is also actively involved in environmental issues and is currently working on environmental matters in Limonapa, South Africa.


Larkin and Lacy Keeps the Fight Alive Even after Arpaio’s Presidential Pardon

Throughout the United States of America’s history, there have been many controversial presidential pardons. The most recent one is the release of Joe Arpaio by President Trump. He had been jailed for many heinous acts including the arrest of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the Village Voice owners.

The Arpaio’s Initial Story

Under Arpaio’s orders, Maricopa County Selective Enforcement unit agents arrested Jim Larkin and Michael Lacy and imprisoned them. Their charges were, interfering with a grand-jury investigation by disclosing the investigation’s details.

Lacey was the executive editor and Larkin was the Chief Executive Officer of Village Voice Media newspaper. Before their arrest, they had published a story talking about a grand jury in a Village Voice Media publication called the Phoenix New Times without knowing they were being investigated by the Grand jury.

Arpio was frustrated by the continuous coverage of his unconstitutional law enforcement tactics since he took over office in the Sheriff’s department in 1992. His aggressive tactics had been publicized several times by various publications. He could detain people (especially immigrants) on suspicion grounds which is not legally admissible and unconstitutional.

Arpio was always advised against such atrocities behind closed doors. However, they came to the surface when a lawsuit was initiated against him and the conditions which inmates in Tent City faced. He was charged but ignored it and continued with his work.

That encouraged his colleagues to practice racial profiling of Latinos. Finally, after several years of impunity, the outcry increased and caught the attention of reporters.

Lacey and Larkin took it a notch higher and exposed them multiple times leading to their arrest. Their arrest didn’t attract much attention until a lot of articles derived from their work were published when it became the center of attention.

They were released after 24 days in custody and initiated a lawsuit which saw them being settled for $3.7 million.

The Pardon of Arpaio by the President

After the court settlement, it was almost the end of the road for the former Sheriff. Maybe, being a good reader of political wind shift, he realized that and planned an exit strategy. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

He endorsed Trump for presidency during the campaigns despite the mockery he was receiving about the possibility of Trump securing the GOP nomination. Well, the strategy worked because Trump needed the support of Arpaio’s supporters. Trump hinted he would release him and afterwards, he fulfilled it.

The Recovery

While Arpaio worked in Arizona, Latino community had been undermined. After his arrest, sanity started to resume steadily after human rights movements raised concerns and fought against the cases that built Arpaio’s legacy.