How Boraie Development is Impacting the Real Estate Industry in New Jersey

Although he was born in Egypt, Omar Boraie now resides and operates his business empire from New Brunswick, New Jersey. Omar is the proprietor and president of Boraie Development LLC, a real estate entity that primarily develops, manages, and re-develops residential, commercial, and industrial properties in the city and across the United States. Being a family conglomerate, he is assisted in running the daily operations of the company by his two sons Hiam and Sam.


Even though Omar Boraie is an educated fellow with a PhD in Chemistry, his love for New Brunswick propelled him to venture into real estate development all to help grow the economy of the city. His business endeavours have all focused on providing efficient and quality services to his clients and only partners with sound individuals and companies to help realize his goals. He also ensures that the company’s property management teams inspect and approve all projects before releasing them to willing buyers and tenants. Check out Rutgers to know more.

Over the more than 30 years Boraie Development has been operational, the company has been part and parcel of various significant projects. Just recently, the firm oversaw the development and opening of the Aspire; a magnificent 17-story luxury apartment located a few meters to the New Brunswick train station. The landmark building was put-up solely for clients looking for class and luxury. It features exclusive features that include gourmet kitchens, designer finishes, oversized bathroom details and closets, hardwood floors in the living area, and frameless glass shower stalls in every master bedrooms. In addition to concierge services, each tenant has an option to choose units with terraces and balconies that offer a beautiful view to the Raritan River, the city, and Johnson Park. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Another historic project under Boraie Development’s portfolio is the Shaq Tower, named after Newark’s native and NBA Hall of Famer, Shaquille O’Neal. In its unveiling and opening, Shaquille was joined by politicians and most importantly all the stakeholders that were directly or indirectly involved in seeing his vision come true. They include members from the state and city council, Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group, and the New Jersey Economic and Housing Development Department. Apart from the Shaq Tower, O’Neal also wants to invest $150 million into the development of a 35-story structure in McCarter highway. Having been born and brought up in Newark, Shaquille is eager to bring change and improve the real estate industry in the city.



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Talkspace Takes People To Whole New Environment With Text Therapy

People that are fans of apps like Talkspace because these apps provide them with some level of comfort for resolving issues that they may be going through. It is easy to people that are single to become withdrawn. If you are someone that does not have a lot of friends to talk to about issues it can be easy for you to lose your way. Therapy may be the best way to handle a problem, and Talkspace gives you this connection to someone that has been trained to do it.

This is an innovative company that is headed in many different directions. It was founded in 2012 by Roni and Oren Frank, but the recent partnerships with celebrities is what has caused this company to take flight. The community of mobile users is growing because it allows you to connect at any time with licensed therapist.

The interesting thing about this app is that it is not limited to text messages. That may be what people assume when they initially download the app, but that is not the case. It is true that this is initially this was the way that people used this app, but it has evolved. People that want to communicate can record a video or take a photo. They can also record voice messages. There are people that are going to want to make contact with their therapists in different ways.

You also have the ability to monitor your progress. That is another thing that has made people consider the app. There are a ton of people that do not have the ability to schedule any type of appointment with a therapist in person. These people that have obscure schedules are going to depend heavily on apps like this to make life easier.

There are people that are going through some serious issues like depression and anxiety. They need to get some feedback from someone to help them make better decisions. Talkspace has been recognized by Today, Fox, The Wall Street Journal and CNN as a great therapy supplement. These are professionals that can help you redirect your anger.

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