Securus Technologies and the Fight for Police Safety

In order for officers working inside the jail to be safe, we have to be working hard each day to control the environment in which we work. On any given day, we are outnumbered by the inmates, and that gives them a huge advantage if they were to try to come after us. Now you include things like weapons or drugs, and the stakes get that much higher as we are now in for a real fight for our lives.


To try and limit any types of contraband from getting into the hands of the inmates, the first thing we do is surprise cell inspections throughout the day. If we can locate anything illegal inside the cells, then it can not be used to harm officers. We even check the mail each day for any traces of drugs. The inmates have become quite resourceful when it comes to coating the paper with liquid drugs, so we really need to be paying close attention.


We used to expend a ton of manpower having to listen to the inmates when they were using the phones. Since Securus Technologies installed their monitoring system, the LBS software gives my team the chance to focus our efforts on other areas while the system scans all the calls and immediately alerts us if something is of concern.


Securus Technologies is headed by their CEO, Rick Smith, who says his employees are all committed to making the world safe. This system is already in two thousand jails, and has been quite effective at reducing such incidents. Now we will get an alert from the system if an inmate is talking about weapons or drugs. There have been numerous tips already this month where we were able to take away the contraband from the inmates before they could do anyone harm.


José Henrique Borghi Proves To Be the Most Influential Advertiser in the Brazilian Advertising Industry

José Henrique Borghi is one of the most sought after advertising experts. With over 25 years of experience in the Brazilian advertising industry, Jose has developed some of the world’s best ads. He has been attributed to the ad campaigns for multinational corporations such as Royal Caribbean, Western Union, Ikea, Mattel, Hyatt, General Motors, Google, Harley Davidson and JetBlue among other international organizations. José Henrique Borghi innovativeness and creativity makes his ads successful as millions of people easily relate and support.

Career Background

It is irrefutably true that José Henrique Borghi is one of the most influential advertisers in the industry. The Presidente Prudente-born advertising genius graduated from PUC-Campinas with a bachelor’s degree in advertising and propaganda. Although his career began with a doubt of, which way to go, today he has proven to be a force to reckon in the medium.

Currently, Borghi is the co-CEO and CCO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, a leading ad agency. José Henrique Borghi began his career in 1988 when he worked at Standard Ogilvy. He joined DM9DDB, an ad agency in 1994. While at DM9DDB, Borghi developed some of the most successful ads in the company history including Carlinhos, parmalat’s, Itau among many others and learn more about Borghi.

In 2002, Borghi founded BorghiErh, an advertising agency that saw rapid growth. In December 2006, BorgiErh merged with global Lowe+ Partners. Jose Borghi became the CCO of the firm. A corporate restructuring prompted the renaming of the enterprise to Borghi Lowe. At the end of 2015, the company was renamed to Mullen Lowe Group, and Borghi was named the CEO of the Brazilian branch.

U.S. Cities Best For Growing Entrepreneurs According To Sawyer Howitt

The millennial generation is significantly taking part in entrepreneurship. They seem to possess an inherent optimism for a better and financially liberated future.

Such a mind is Sawyer Howitt who is a graduate of Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon. At such a young age, Sawyer Howitt is the project manager at Meriwether Group and an upcoming entrepreneur. Meriwether group is a consultancy company with interests in developing and accelerating businesses. The company also boats prominent entrepreneurs that come from different corporates of the U.S. It is fascinating to see Sawyer Howitt working with such a team.

Sawyer Howitt focuses part of his time doing mentorship programs for the youths and women. He is planning to join the University of California, Berkeley.


Sawyer Howitt offers advice to entrepreneurs and how to establish start-ups. Some factors to think about before setting up a startup in a particular location include the average age of the population, economy, access to funding, and availability of high-speed broadband internet connectivity. Some of the cities that Sawyer Howitt proposes to include:

San Francisco, California

This is a city with the biggest thriving businesses such as Uber, Twitter, and Gap. Approximately 45% of the population has a bachelor’s degree.

Austin, Texas

Austin is a community that gladly welcomes entrepreneurs with laid down initiatives. Similarly, there are incentives for anyone interested in higher education. Almost $1.7 million is awarded as loans to small businesses for every 100,000 residents.

Salt Lake City, Utah

It is listed among the cleanest, most friendly, and family-oriented cities in U.S. Young entrepreneurs often get mentorship from established business people. Raising capital for a startup can be done at the city with the help of company founders.

Palo Alto, California

Palo Alto has a majority of young, educated fellows. Companies like Facebook, Google, Tesla, and Pinterest has been here at some point. The city has a significantly high number of innovative group of youths.

Other cities include Denver, Yorba Linda, Minneapolis, and Santa Monica. All these cities are being infected with an entrepreneurship spirit. Such a trend captures the attention of investors, companies already established, and the authorities.

Learn more about Sawyer Howitt:

Dr. Scott Rocklage is giving a new approach to medical investment

Dr.Scott M. Rocklage, Ph.D. is by all standards a well-established man in the pharmaceutical world. His career spans more than four decades, a period in which he has held high-ranking executive positions in various companies. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg and Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

Dr.Rocklage graduated with a B.S in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkely and went on to achieve his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he did research in the distinguished laboratory of Nobel Prize winner Richard R. Schrock’s.

Since 2003, Rockledge has been working with 5AM Ventures where he started off as a venture partner and became a Managing Partner in 2004. He has overseen the approval of three drugs from the company by the US New Drug Applications, while several other others are under clinical trials.

His rich profile includes services as Chief Executive Officer and President at Amersham Health. Director of LLYPSA, Inc., Chairman of the Board of SemprusBioSciences Corp and several other companies in which he has been an Executive Director and Chairman.

He explains that the name of his company, 5AM Ventures best describes the nature of the company, which is venturing in company formation, ultimately an early stage of business formation just as 5AM in the morning. Learn more about Scott Rocklage:

His role, he explains, is to work with entrepreneurs whether scientists, physicians or business executives and assist them in shaping their ideas for the creation of medicines that have the potential to treat medical needs. Primarily, 5AM Ventures focuses on entrepreneurs developing life science for the next generation by advancing cutting-edge breakthroughs in medicine. Emphasis has been put on unconventional or untraditional approach to technologies.

Based in Boston, MA, Dr.Rokclage is also an inventor and co-inventor on more than 30 U.S. patents.He is also a contributor to over 100 peer-reviewed publications.

Riding on Dr. Rocklage’s personal bio at 5AM Ventures is a team of professionals drawn from fields including medicine and finance as well as legal, business and scientific backgrounds.It is this collection of top minds that gives Dr.Rocklage’s team a unique combination through which futuristic ideas are brought to life.

The 62-year-old sits as a board member in over 20 organizations.

Kim Dao’s 10 Must Buy Japanese Hair Care Products For 2017

In her final month in Japan in 2017, ace Aussie YouTuber Kim Dao recommended a list of 10 amazing Japanese hair care products. As an expert on Japanese fashion, beauty and skin care, Kim Dao has some unique insights on the highlighted products.


The featured brand handpicked by Kim Dao include Kao, Shiseido Tsubaki, Ichikami, and Oshima Tsubaki. The products include everything you need to take care of your hair, from shampoos to hair fragrances, conditioners, oils and even a curling iron. These are all products Kim Dao has been using personally. Learn more:


Hair damage is one of the main focuses of this video log. Since she has had a lot of hair colorings and bleaches, Kim Dao recounts how she used to suffer from damaged hair strands. The Kao Essential Damage Care is what she uses to nourish her fabulous looking locks back to health. Learn more:


Morning hair can ruin a great day! And the Japanese know it very well since they have a tendency to leave their hair damp at night. The list includes several hair sprays to take of any potential nightmare situations related to morning hair.


Kim Dao has made Japan her second home over the years, and it shows, in the way she gives interesting insights and tips about Japanese products. She even has some buying advice if you should find yourself in Japan and need to buy some quality hair care products. Learn more:


To view the full video click the link below:


Success Academy’s Unique Ideas Help Students Succeed

One of the points that Success Academy made when they were creating the school was the idea that they would be able to bring more options to people who were in different areas. They want their students to be able to do everything that they can to make things better.

There are many options that they have when it comes to learning and they have also been able to try new things with the experiences that they have. While their curriculums are based on the options that most public schools also offer, they have gone far beyond what those schools are able to do because of the options that they have for their students. It has been a huge help for the students and has also set Success Academy far apart from what they were able to do in the past with the options that they had.


While Success Academy is working to make things better for their students, they are able to make things easier. They require their students to wear uniforms so that they can be focused on the learning aspect of school instead of being focused on what they are wearing or what they are doing with the outfits that they have on. It has been something that has been helpful because students are able to take their learning environment more seriously since they know that they are there to learn instead of being there to look at each other’s outfits with the options that they have.


For Success Academy, a big part is making sure that students are able to get more out of the options that they have. They want to show their students what they need to do and what they can do to make things better. It has been something that has allowed the students to learn in a way that makes sense to them. it has also been something that has given them the opportunities that they need to make things easier on their own. Success Academy caters to the different learning styles so that they will be able to try new things and learn what they are doing the right way.

Jim Tananbaum Continues to Surprise Many in the Healthcare Sector

Jim Tananbaum is a rarity. It is not often that you come across a man barely in his fifties with close to three decades of investing experience, let alone successful investments in 21 companies. However, Jim Tananbaum has achieved that and more. The current CEO of Foresite Capital Management has over the last 26 years been among the leading investors in the healthcare industry, handling billions of dollars in the process.

Jim Tananbaum has been able to achieve all this because he hit the ground running. He joined Yale University at the tender age of 18 to complete a B.S.S.E degree. By the age of 27, he received a Doctor of Medicine degree from Harvard Medical School and an M.S degree in Health Sciences and Technology from the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Finally, in 1991, aged only 29, he received his final academic qualification, an MBA from Harvard Business School.

According to Market Wired, if you though Jim Tananbaum’s academic endeavors are astounding, wait till you hear about his professional journey. Straight after leaving Harvard, Tananbaum invested in GelTex Pharmaceuticals. While at the helm the company introduced two revolutionary drugs, Cholestagel and Ranagel, which drove its revenues up to the tune of billions. Industry players took note, and the company was purchased by Genzyme in 1992 for $1.6 billion. His next two investment undertakings were equally successful with Sierra Partners leading investments in Care Select and Amerigroup while Theravance grew its market capitalization to about $3.5 billion. A lengthy stint at Prospect Venture Partners, a company he co-founded, then set the tone for him forming and leading Foresite Capital. Visit Ideamensch to know more.

Owing to his academic prowess and professional success, Jim Tananbaum has been invited to serve in advisory capacities at the Ivy League institutions at which he studied. At Yale, he is part of the president’s advisory board. On the other hand, at Harvard, he is an advisor to the Harvard-MIT health sciences and technology program.

Fortunately for the healthcare industry, it does not look like Tananbaum is slowing down anytime soon. At Foresite Capital Management he has assets valued at $1.1 billion under his management. Hopefully, he will, over the coming years, continue to healthcare companies that will guarantee a healthier and safer public.

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Gold Remains a Trusted Source Amid Financial Unrest

While the stock market has mostly risen over the last few months, there exists an air of uncertainty concerning today’s global monetary market. Many feel that there is a lot of risk associated with many different aspects in regards to the financial world, particularly when it comes to stocks and real estate.

Stability remains an elusive aim for some in the financial world, but there is still a commodity which is marked for its strong stability. The gold market continues to be a stable force in how it steadily maintains value. Even when it comes down, everyone knows gold prices eventually goes back up.

Buying gold remains a solid financial move, particularly when you can judge when prices are low enough worthy of buy. This allows you to eventually sell high and earn a small profit. Otherwise, you can simply wait and not have worry that you are losing major financial funds even if the commodity’s price drops a bit.

The U.S. Money Reserve is a leading authority on gold and is one of the top sellers of the commodity on the market. Since 2001 with its inception, many have bought gold from the U.S. Money Reserve in order to maintain their financial stake. It helps that the company also prints and produces several unique commemorations of gold coins, making them also a collector’s item as well.

Recently, the U.S. Money Reserve produced and released an eBook detailing the dangers of the modern financial world. Attached to the book was a limited offer of a 1/10 ounce of Gold American Eagle coins.

The book itself provides some guidelines for potential investors who want to hedge against potential risks involved in other commodities. Given the world climate of political unrest and emerging trade wars between the U.S. and other nations as well as regional battles around the globe, buying gold is seen as that very hedge against such risky times.

Philip N. Diehl, the president of U.S. Money Reserve, is quoted about the topic of gold as a safe haven asset. He notes that the best gold price surges occur in times of economic upheaval. The lack of volatility over gold prices makes it one of the safest places to use your buying power at.

The U.S. Money Reserve itself also is private distributor of silver and platinum coins as well.

CTRMA Making Austin Roads Passable

After making an observation on the Austin traffic, the American-Statesman said that the congestion would increase with time. With them was a recommendation that was welcomed by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA). They agreed that for there to be a lasting solution, multiple resources especially technology would be needed to address the traffic problems. The role of CTRMA is to come up with solutions regarding mobility. For instance, it was able to build a toll road in Cedar Park and Leander. It did not only open up the place for growth, but it served to change the lives of the residents. Similarly, a toll road between Manor and Austin was built. It improved the on toll lanes that existed before and at the same time multiplied the capacity of the previous road by three.


CTRMA has a pretty direct mission of innovating the area. It was working on building a MoPac Express Lanes that incorporate tolling that is dependent on the use of sophisticated technology to control traffic. MoPac does not aim at entirely doing away with congestion but to provide a pretty reliable commute. The technology will ensure that people in need to arrive early in an interview will reach on time. The express lane is anticipated to be moving even when other lanes are not in the rush hour. Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority intends to incorporate technological solutions in future so as to make the roads smart. By partnering with Metropia, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was able to come up with a traffic app that is incorporated in the regular motoring system to offer commuters alternative routes to use.


Regarding the constant starting and stopping on the roads creating congestion, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority with the help of the Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) has come up with a solution. The motorists who get minor breakdowns will be assisted as soon as possible. The Mobility Authority is determined to beat the jam in the area. All that the corporation has achieved in making Austin mobile could not be possible were it not for the strong leadership portrayed by Mike Heiligenstein. He joined the Mobility Authority when it was first established and has overseen all its projects. He is also a member of the Texas Transport Institute as well as the Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike. Mike Heiligenstein is a graduate of the University of Texas from which he earned a degree in government. He also holds a Master’s in Government and Business Administration.